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-# Dianoga LR set 
-- Authors: Ragone-Figueroa et al. 
-- Contact: cinthia.ragone@unc.edu.ar 
-- Pub-Date: 2018 
-- Last modification: 2018 
-## Description 
-24 zoomed-in regions of massive galaxy clusters selected from a parent gravity only simulation of a 1$h^{−1}$ Gpc box. 
-The regions surround all the 24 haloes with final $M_{200} > 8 \times 10^{14} h^{−1} M_{\odot}$. 
-Each region was re-simulated at higher resolution including state-of-the-art baryonic physics. 
-The set also includes 5 less massive clusters (D2, D3, D4, D5 and D9) with $M_{200} \sim 1 \times 10^{14} h^{−1} M_{\odot}$. 
-The mass resolution for the DM and gas particles is $m_{DM} = 8.47\times 10^8 h^{−1} M_{\odot}$ and 
-$m_{gas} = 1.53 \times 10^8 h^{−1} M_{\odot}$, respectively. 
-More information in the reference paper. 
-Snapshots and subfind files for the 29 runs can be found in IATE storage at /mnt/simulations/dianoga_LR 
-## Reference 
-Simulations set presented in https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2018MNRAS.479.1125R/abstract 
-## Tutorial 
-Python library to read snapshots and subfind files can be downloaded from